EF360 Global Management Trainee Program

If you’re a recent graduate with 360 degrees of talent and vision, we want you to become part of our highly selective one-year Global Management Trainee Program.

About the program

Fast track your career in one year with our 12 month leadership-training program.

Who's this program for

This highly selective one-year management trainee program is strictly for recent graduates with 360 degrees of talent and vision.

This job is highly demanding. If you are deterred by jet lag, the idea of getting totally hands-on, or working long hours, this program is not for you.

Your EF360 year

It’s as much a mission as it is a job. As an EF360 management trainee, you’ll assist an EF senior leader who will be your mentor, your supervisor, and your friend.

You could be asked to produce a viral marketing campaign, analyze sales data, or propose a new design for a mobile app. No assignment is too big or small. You could be based in Boston, London, Lucerne, Zurich, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and, no matter where you are, be prepared to travel.

Your career path

Once you become truly 360 (to us, that means fully versed in EF’s entrepreneurial operating style), you will earn a position within the organization that best suits your talents and skills. Positions range from team manager in Boston to business analyst in Zurich to project manager in Shanghai, and anything and anywhere in between.

Please apply to only one region. As a part of the recruitment process you will be invited to take the EF360 challenge below.

Meet an EF360

“It’s been an amazing experience to, with complete autonomy, help push the envelope for how we create the best possible customer experience – one student at a time.”

Henrik EliassonRegional Manager, Tours, EF Bangkok

Henrik, a Swede by design but multinational by recent standards, joined the EF360 program with a diverse reportoir of...

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Interested in being an EF360 Global Management Trainee?

Need to know

Interested in being an EF360 Global Management Trainee?

If you’re ready to apply to the EF360, please select one of the regional application buttons below: China, Europe or the US. You will need to have a valid passport or visa to work in any of these three geographic locations. Please apply to only one region. As a part of the Recruitment process you will be invited to take the EF360 challenge below.

EF360 Case Challenge

You are working at your desk one day, when a woman suddenly appears in front of you. Proudly, she states that her lab has succeeded in inventing an economically viable way to time-travel. You are the only one outside of the lab that knows about this incredible achievement. EF must act quickly and evolve to keep up with a rapidly changing market. You and your team are tasked with developing three new destinations in time – where would you go and how would you market it along with EF’s three pillars of travel, language learning, and cultural exchange?

Time Travel Tours: your team’s brand new product. Now it's up to you to decide and create a strategy for this product that tackles how teleportation will integrate with EF’s core business, mission and brand. Which resources can be leveraged and what synergies can be created? How do you intend to market and brand this product, who will be the key stakeholders and how will you win their support?

EF gives you:

  • 50 solar-powered backpacks
  • 20 bitcoins
  • A multilingual robot translator
  • 5000 cricket protein bars
  • 2 marmosets

Your pitch should showcase EF’s entrepreneurial spirit, vision for the future, and “for good” attitude. At the next board meeting, EF’s senior management team wants to hear your pitch along with financial and operational implications. All creative formats are welcome. Please keep video submissions under three minutes and written proposals under 500 words.

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